07 March 2024

Ohhhh we are so excited for this. Our first EVENT ever! On Wednesday March 13th we are having our first edition of FILM STORIES, for which we invited the one and only SUZANNE KOOPSTRA. We are so happy she is our first guest, we even made a T-SHIRT. Which is for SALE. Ticket + t-shirt link in bio! If you can’t attend the event, but do want the t-shirt because you are a Suzanne Koopstra fan (who isn’t??) DM us.

Centred around a single director and their work, Film Stories presents the full picture of filmmaking, with all the compromises, decisions, and dilemmas that come with it. Setbacks and how to overcome them are central to the conversation between the maker, moderator, and public.

During the first edition of Film Stories, filmmaker Suzanne Koopstra will be our guest. We will be screening a selection of her work, ranging from music videos and commercial work to her most recent documentary Pleasant Hell, which premiered at the previous International Film Festival Rotterdam. In this film, the fourth-year Film Academy student portrays her four Rotterdam friends trying to cope with the aimlessness that characterises the city. In this dreamy style experiment, Suzanne does not only tell the tale of the drifting group of friends - during the research phase of the film, the filmmaker lost a dear friend and fellow student. As a result, Pleasant Hell became a space for wonder, imagination, and personal grief.

During a conversation with mint2’s Filmmaker Flo Meijer, Suzanne discusses her creative process. She explains how she freely blends production design, animation, and documentary, while also maintaining her authenticity and values in commissioned work.

Please note this event will be held in Dutch.

Programme :
19:30 Doors open
20:00 Screening starts, followed by a talk with Suzanne Koopstra
22:00 Drinks

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